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Farnborough Shuttle Bus Service

Farnborough Shuttle

Farnborough Shuttle bus service.

We have a small 8 seat minibus service running from the rail station to the exhibition hall.

This will run from 8.30 am until 10.30 am, approx every 20 minutes. It will be a matter of first come first served basis.

We will ask for donations towards the cost of running this service.The bus will then operate again back to the station from 3.30 until 5.30 pm on Friday and from 3- 4.30pm on Saturday.

There is also a regular No 1 bus service run by Stagecoach from the rail station. It stops near to one of the entrances to the grounds, but be aware that there is approx walk of around 20 - 30 minutes into the venue.

We would recommend you pair up with like minded crafters and share a taxi. It is only around a 10 minute ride, so should cost very little if you share a taxi from the station to the venue.

Please share this information with others.

Thank you.

#createitFarnboroughcraftshow #shuttlebus

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