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Dawn Bibby Creations Workshops

Dawn Bibby Creations Workshops are coming to

Create it Farnborough Craft Show.

Workshop will run from the Workshop area (WS8)

Bookings are now open.

To book, please email to

Please state date, time and number of places you want to book, card making class is £10 p.p. and bowl sewing class is £15 p.p.

Class schedule is as follows :

Friday, 21.2.3020

10:30 card making 11:30 card making 13:15 card making 14:15 card making 15:30 bowl sewing

Saturday 22.2.2020

10:30 bowl sewing 11: 45 card making 13:15 card making 14:30 card making

Come along to Dawn Bibby Designs stand (J1) as Dawn Bibby will be demonstrating throughout the show.

#DawnBibby #workshop #createitFarnboroughcraftshow

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