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Stained Glass projects with Glass Garden Studio

The £20 booking you have made is to secure a space in our Glass Workshop - you can make a choice of designs on the day which have various costs, and each come with a wooden stand (Seagull Simon, Tugboat Tilly etc) or a curled metal hanger for the Moroccan Heart for example. You just pay any extra cost on the day.

Workshop Brief

Stained-Glass Workshop – You choose your glass design on the day and be guided through each step. Clean, foil, solder in a simple “Tiffany” method to construct your design to take home.

Stained Glass Packs choice of:

£20 Moroccan Blue Heart – Deep blue glass and filigree copper & comes with a wood stand

£20 Red Moon Heart – Stunning red textured glass and filigree copper & comes with a wood stand

£20 Emerald Green Celtic Heart – Limited edition tall heart in a striking bright green

£20 Seagull Simon – Our fun seaside themed bird comes with a rope & shell wood stand

£28 Tugboat Tilly – Our largest Design but the most satisfying and comes with a solid wood base stand

£28 Lighthouse Bill - Jaunty design for the seaside theme! (Blue) comes with harbour themed stand

£28 Lighthouse Gill - Bill's girlfriend!! (Red) comes with harbour themed stand

£25 Hedgehog Hetty & Baby Lu Lu - A cute design for animal lovers with Autumn colours in mind.

£25 Chicken Licken – My favourite glass pack, so colourful and cute to look at! Comes with a wood stand.

£25 Glass Bunting – a 10 piece glass pack to make a string of colourful bunting to hang inside or out!

Glass Garden Studio at Create it Kent

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